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What is Accreditation and Why is it Important?

With many new apps available, people may think that learning a foreign language is easy. However, with less than one-fifth of Americans actually knowing a second language it’s not as effortless as some believe. The key to learning a second language is a successful immersion program that is proven and accredited…and as a student, getting an early start on things helps.

What is Accreditation?

Attending a school or institution that is accredited by top-tier organizations assures parents and the community that the school is focused on raising student achievement while maintaining efficient and effective operational practices. Achieving accreditation is a voluntary process and certifies that schools and districts meet high standards and provide a quality learning environment that is set forth by expert evaluation teams.

Attending an Accredited School

Exceptional bilingual immersion institutions strive to make language learning fun for students. Instead of teaching introductory language around grammatical concepts, students are focused to learn a language the way it was intended, as a tool for communication. Early research indicates that teaching “content and language integrated learning” is effective in impressive language learning. On the SAT, students who study world languages for four or more years score almost 140 pts higher in math and critical reading. This helps to improve overall outcomes propelling students beyond graduation. According to other research, bilingual workers earn 5% to 20% more than those who speak only one language.

So Why is it Important to Attend an Accredited School?

Accreditation isn’t about passing a one-time inspection; it’s about meeting high-quality standards at all times with modern and fresh perspectives to give students the best educational opportunities. Organizations that assess and provide educational accreditations help to improve schools and systems across the globe to unify policies and generate educational momentum. Working with a trusted accreditation partner helps schools and districts assess goals and collect meaningful data to continually elevate and standardize educational curriculums.

As parents, having your child attend an accredited school means they have:

  1. Qualified teachers who continually improve practice methods for increased student performance

  2. Access to a rich, diverse, and sound curriculum

  3. Access to a range of student activities and support services

  4. Transferability of credits from school to school

  5. Greater access to federal loans, scholarships, post-secondary education, and military programs that require accreditation

Is My School Accredited?

International School of Arizona is accredited by several recognized accreditation organizations for its programs.

Cognia(previously AdvancED)

U.S. Accreditation through Cognia

Cognia is the world’s largest education improvement organization, representing 30,000 public and private schools and systems across the United States and in 75 countries worldwide. Today, NCA CASI, NWAC, SACS CASI, NSSE, and Cognia have all become part of Cognia. Through Cognia, these divisions share research-based accreditation standards that cross state, regional, national, and international boundaries. Accompanying these standards is a unified accreditation process designed to help educational institutions continuously improve.

French Accreditation through the Ministry of Education

Accreditation by the French Ministry of Education certifies that ISA complies with the demands, curricula, teaching objectives, and organizational policies of the French education system. ISA delivers the French National Curriculum in a language immersion environment, using the inquiry-based methodology at the core of the French Education philosophy. ISA is monitored by the AEFE (Association des Ecoles Françaises a I ‘Étranger) and is one of the 200 approved French schools in North America.

Spanish Accreditation through the Instituto Cervantes

The Cervantes Institute was established by the Spanish government in 1991 as a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the Spanish language and culture. Institutions accredited by the Instituto Cervantes have conformed to the requirements related to academic programs, faculty qualifications, and administrative organization.

In order to preserve this accreditation, ISA must submit to periodic evaluations demonstrating compliance with the numerous indicators. The denomination “Centro Acreditado” by the Instituto Cervantes can only be used by Centers endowed with the accreditation of the Instituto Cervantes. There are 37 centers accredited in the world, with only one accredited in the United States and that is our school.

The ISA Difference

The International School of Arizona has had a 22-year history in Arizona, and our evolving, adaptive, and the culturally inclusive curriculum follows the requirements of the French Ministry of Education and the Spanish Ministry of Education. As international educators, we aspire to be recognized worldwide as progressive leaders making a difference in the lives of our students. We teach academic excellence, promote global awareness, and inspire tomorrow’s leaders. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can offer your child the gift of a second language.

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