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Get to Know Us

The International School of Arizona offers French & Spanish language immersion programs that begin at 18 months and continue through 8th grade.  We also have opportunities for Middle School students (Grades 6-8) with no prior, second language experience to join us!
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We have a 25-year history in Arizona and an evolving, adaptive, and culturally inclusive curriculum. ISA launched in 1998 with 14 students and has grown to nearly 380 students as we launch into our 2024-25 school year.

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Our three schools at ISA are the Early School (Pre-K 1—Kindergarten), the Lower School (grades 1—5), and the Middle School (grades 6—8). Each school offers small class sizes and two immersion language tracks: French and Spanish. Our students just don’t learn a language, they learn IN their chosen language.  We like to say that at approximately 3rd grade, students are proficient (read, write, speak) in both English and their chosen track language of  Spanish or French.  At 4th grade, the opposite language is introduced with the goal of having the ability to converse in that 3rd language. Depending on the students ability for language learning, by 8th grade they could be multilingual in English, French and Spanish.

Our community is made up of diverse yet like-minded, multicultural parents who demand high academic standards and understand that the great gift of language leads to academic excellence.

Discover how you can give your child the life-long gifts of a second language, and the skills he or she will need to successfully navigate our rapidly changing world.

Portrait of a ISA Graduate

Portrait of a ISA Graduate is the ultimate goal/aspiration for each ISA  student as the Guiding Principles lead them.  This starts in Early School and results in stellar 8th graders who have historically shown to advance to other admirable educational institutions. The six (6) characteristics of a graduate are what we use to measure the success of our students, and attaining these hallmarks truly exemplify the return on investment for parents, students and the school as a whole.

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Curious Problem Solver

I am proud of what I know and am eager to learn and perceive the world in new ways. I make thoughtful decisions, solve problems, and take appropriate risks with my learning. I am not afraid to fail as this allows me to reflect and grow. I believe in my ability to grow and learn.

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Compassionate Communicator

I understand the importance of multilingualism and the doors this ability opens for my future. In every interaction, I understand that the ideas and feelings of others are just as important as my own. Understanding that conflict and disagreement are inevitable, I have the skills to facilitate fair, peaceful, and successful resolutions. I am thoughtful, compassionate, empathetic, and effective in my communication.

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Inspirational Leader

I am a leader and understand that my ability to lead begins with my character. My leadership begins with modeling kindness and respect towards others. I build respectful relationships with diverse individuals and groups, building networks to achieve individual and collective goals.

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Advocate of Self and Others

I am an advocate for myself and for others, speaking up for my own rights and the rights of others.

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Purposeful, Ambitious, Balanced

I purposely explore my interests and passions, I find ways to serve others, the community, and the world. Because I know myself and I am curious about my world. I am prepared to identify an impact only I can make, and I will make it. I strive for balance in my life, knowing it will benefit my personal well-being and the ways in which I am able to contribute to the world.

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Citizen of the World

I am a citizen of the world. I know my actions can and do make an impact, and my influence begins with my family, school, and local community. I lead by example in caring for the natural world and for humanity.

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