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Board of Trustees

As the ISA is a 501(c)(3) corporation, it has a governing board of directors. We encourage interested parties to learn more about the responsibilities of the Board and how to get involved.

The Board consists of up to eleven (11) members, who meet regularly and serve without compensation and is dedicated to the school’s mission of providing academic excellence through second language immersion. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for governance, policy-making, and strategic planning for our independent, private school.

The Board has 5 Specific Responsibilities

To select the Head of School (HOS), approve his/her compensation, and evaluate his/her performance annually.


To delegate to the HOS administrative functions, including the authority to admit or dismiss students, as well as to appoint or remove employees.


To monitor the school’s financial health and management, approve capital expenditures, adopt annual capital and operating budgets, hold major fundraising events, and otherwise take steps that may be necessary to protect the financial stability of the school.


To define and promulgate the general policies for the school necessary for its effective operation, including financial, employment, operating and educational policies and procedures, and to ensure their effective implementation.


To advise the HOS and require specific board approval on matters that may have a material effect on the educational or financial health of the school.


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