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What is Accreditation and Why is it Important?

Research has shown that full-language immersion education provides students with excellent cognitive and academic skills. Additionally, immersion has a huge benefit on our children’s future employment. Institutions that achieve accreditation for dual-language learning provide exceptional skills in providing the gift of bilingualism to our students.

The International School of Arizona is one of the state’s premier language immersion schools. We’re very proud of the work we do in educating our students in Spanish, French, and English. Learn what accreditation The International School of Arizona has and why it’s important for immersion schools to have them.

What Accreditation Does The International School of Arizona Have?

ISA is accredited by a number of notable international institutions, including the French Accreditation through the Ministry of Education, the Spanish Accreditation through the Cervantes Institute, and U.S. Accreditation through Cognia.

Through these incredible organizations, our school has obtained the knowledge and experience to be proficient in educating students in the wonders of bilingualism. To maintain our accreditations, we must preserve these organizations’ best practices and educate our students with great integrity. Staying on top of these standards allows us to continuously improve our curriculum and make positive impacts on our students’ lives.

Additionally, we follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) to determine language proficiency. The framework groups mastery into three broad groups: basic, independent, and proficient users. Students will gradually advance their dual-language prowess to become adept at a second language and move up in their levels. These segments are based on their individual achievements and the CEFR develops descriptors for each student’s educational level to quantify how they are doing.

Why is Accreditation Important?

Think about when you hire an accountant. While anybody who goes to school for it, can be an accountant, wouldn’t you rather invest in a certified public accountant? They went the extra mile to be experts in their field, and it will show in the work they do for you.

Now, why wouldn’t you have the same mentality for your child’s schooling? These are very crucial development years and it’s important that your child gets a good start in their education. Additionally, dual-language education has the power to enrich their lives through better cognitive, academic, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, learning a second language will help them down the line in their future career paths.

When you enroll your child in a school with accreditations, you can feel comfortable knowing their development is in the right hands.

The International School of Arizona is The Right Choice For Your Student

As a nonprofit, independent school, we believe that moving our community forward begins at a young age. We offer language immersion programs to prepare children for a bright future in any path they choose. Whether they work in multinational companies or become valuable community members, dual-language learning will help them in their future success. Contact The International School of Arizona today to learn more about our language immersion program.

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