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Importance of Parent Involvement in Children’s Education

Parent involvement in their child’s education can have a huge impact on their academic success. Children whose parents are involved in their school learnings tend to not only get better grades but also develop positive feelings towards learning and education in general. 

Parents have a couple of ways to get involved in their child’s education. Not only can they help with homework assignments and improve their reading skills, but they can also volunteer for school events and activities, such as open houses, parent-teacher conferences, sporting events, and school plays. 

Although, some parents are able to be more involved than others due to professional or other reasons, any level of involvement will be beneficial. 

Key Benefits

Academic Success – Not only will students benefit from immediate academic success, but it will also create a strong foundation for the rest of the student’s academic years. This can increase their chances for future opportunities.

Diminish School Absences – Students with engaged parents have shown a 20% decrease in school absences. Furthermore, lower dropout rates have been reported in studies that show parental involvement.

Improved Teacher Morale – Parents who are active in their child’s academics tend to have more positive feelings towards teachers. In turn, this makes teachers feel more appreciated and lifts their morale.

Better Classroom Behavior – Students with high parent involvement also behave better inside the classroom. This is due to the fact that the parent’s positive attitude towards school translates to the child’s own attitude towards school and motivation.

Parent Involvement Obstacles

While all parents want their child to succeed in school, not all parents can be as involved in their child’s education as much as they’d like. Lack of time is the primary reason why lots of parents aren’t as involved. This time shortage can be due to the parent’s job responsibilities or having multiple kids in the family. 

Other reasons include parents feeling unwelcome at school or feeling a lack of connection between them and the school staff. Therefore, it is imperative for teachers to work with and include parents as much as possible in order for the student to succeed. 

Tips for Parents to Become More Involved

  1. Ask your children about their day at school

  2. Read books with your children to improve their reading skills

  3. Set up a schedule for them to study and stick to it

  4. Study and help them with homework when possible

  5. Attend school activities

  6. Volunteer in school activities

  7. Go to parent-teacher conferences

  8. Keep constant communication with the teacher if problems arise

  9. Encourage and support your child throughout their academic career, not just during their early years, but all the way through high school

Get Involved with the International School of Arizona

With a 22-year history, the International School of Arizona continues to adapt, evolve, and provide an inclusive cultural curriculum to all students. We offer French and Spanish language immersion programs that begin at 18 months and continue through 8th grade. Made up of like-minded, multicultural parents, our community demands the highest academic standards and understands the importance of parent involvement. Contact us today for more information on our programs and give your child the gift of a second language.

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