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How After-School Programs Enrich Your Child’s Language Immersion

A good after-school program can be extremely beneficial for your child’s continued education by turning unproductive hours into extended learning opportunities. It’s an incredible resource for students’ development and allows them to hone in on their skills. The International School of Arizona offers after-school physical education and enrichment opportunities to expand our students’ minds and bodies with a variety of courses. Read our article below to learn how our program is helping students move forward.

After-School Programs Create a Sense of Belonging

These programs allow students to connect with their peers in a collaborative, flexible environment. Students in these programs are more likely to be included and feel like they’re part of a group. As you probably know, dual-language learning has a lot of benefits for our children’s development. When you incorporate an after-school program into the mix, your child can potentially increase their understanding of new cultures, communication abilities, and encourage open-minded perspectives.

After-School Programs Provide Academic Support

As part of our mission to expand your child’s interest and ability to speak a second language, academic support is vital in our after-school program. Many programs will provide some sort of homework help, as this time can be very helpful for students who struggle at home or are having trouble understanding the material.

Students Find Relief From Behavioral and Emotional Issues

According to Hot Spots, children require positive and productive interactions with their peers and adult role models. After-school programs create an outlet for students to make more valuable connections with those around them. They give students the confidence and ability to interact with a diverse group of people to learn tolerance and open-mindedness. Resulting in the student’s ability to curb behavioral and emotional issues often seen in their early years.

After-School Programs Provide Outlets for Creativity and Discovery

Children who are a part of a good after-school program are allowed to learn and create productively. With a supervised curriculum and greater interaction amongst their peers, students can find creative solutions and build strong relationships in this environment. In terms of dual-language learning, students are given the tools to be creative and expand their understanding of different cultures and languages.

International School of Arizona Provides Extended Care Programs

In addition to its full-time academic programs, ISA offers after-school physical education and enrichment opportunities which allow our students to further flex their minds and bodies through a wide selection of classes. We ensure your student is given the sources needed to enrich their education in dual-language learning. Contact us today to learn more about our after-school program.

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