Parent Resources

Commonly used resources:

While certainly not required, outside of school hours, we encourage all families to further their child’s second language learning.  Some ways you can do this are:

Fun Second Language Activities

Read In the Second Language

If possible, read books with your child in their second language.

Listen to Your Child Read

Listen to your child read to you in the second language.

Purchase Books on Tape

Purchase books on tape that your child can listen to in their second language.

Community & Cultural Events

Attend events and activities with your child where the second language will be spoken.

Schedule Language Playdates

Arrange playdates with other children who speak the same second language.

Listen to Music in Your Child's Second Language

Listen to music in the second language in your car and home.


Travel to communities and/or countries where your child can have exposure to the second language.

Use the Library's Resources

Check out books and audio CDs in the second language from local libraries.

Software & Apps

Purchase children’s computer software, educational games or apps to reinforce the second language.

Extracurricular Activities

Participate in extra-curricular activities that provide additional exposure to the second language.

Websites in the Second Language

Search the Internet for websites that can provide your child with extra practice in the second language.

Children's Conversational Group

Start a children’s conversation group to gain additional practice in the language.

Second Language Book Clubs

Subscribe to a book club that will deliver a new book or magazine in the second language each month to your child.

Hire a Second Language Tutor

Hire a tutor to help your child practice in their second language.

The key to maintaining and accelerating a student’s language skills is through exposure and repetition.

There are many great resources available to enhance your child’s language learning during the school year or during the summer break months.

The Internet makes the world a little smaller, bringing other language and cultural experiences to our homes. Local organizations and libraries are a great place to find language resources and interact with others around a common culture.

Bilingualism Resources

French Resources

French Classes for Parents
Online French Radio Stations

  • Online sites such as give you access to stations like:
    • Radio Junior
    • Radio Disney France
    • Goom Radio PopCorn
    • Recre Radio
    • Doudou Petits Bouts

Teacher Recommendations

Spanish Resources

Spanish Classes for Parents
Phoenix Spanish Radio Stations

  • 88.3 FM
  • 1400 AM
  • 107.1 FM

Teacher Recommendations

  • Books: My First Spanish Word Book by DK Publishing
  • Flash Cards:  First Spanish Flash Cards by Heather Amery