Funding Sources

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Sources of revenue needed to operate and advance the mission of ISA

Basic Tuition covers the School’s most basic operating needs (salaries and benefits, financial obligations, utilities, insurance, routine maintenance and supplies, and the special expenses incurred as a language immersion school – faculty visas, working permits, “expatriate benefits,” foreign textbooks, etc.). Payment of Basic Tuition is not tax deductible.

Capital Assessment is an additional source of revenue which is attached to tuition in order to fund a major capital acquisition, such as our new campus.

Tax Credit Tuition Assistance is a unique opportunity offered in the State of Arizona.
By applying and donating through the Arizona Tuition Connection, those who earn income in Arizona may direct their tax liability dollars to ISA, as an independent school.  These tax dollars help offset the tuition of many students.  This donation is also a Federal tax deduction.  See

Supplementing Basic Tuition through Giving

The Annual Fund Campaign is a six-month fundraising effort that, like the non-Special Appeal portion of the Gala (see below), is essential to the ongoing health of . The Annual Fund helps ensure our financial health and sustainability and also helps fund various initiatives that improve the educational program for all students. 100 percent of Annual Fund revenues go to the General Operating Budget, and are directed where we need them most.

  • Families participating in the Tuition Plus Program at the 7 percent level will have already fulfilled their basic Annual Fund Drive obligation to the School.
  • Donations to the Annual Fund are 100 percent tax-deductible.

The Annual Soiree is a festive cocktail party and/or dinner and includes a Silent and Live Auction. The main objective is for the community to come together and celebrate the spirit of our multiculturalism and respect for each other. All families are encouraged to attend and bring their friends.

Another objective is to raise funds for special acquisitions and/or capital campaigns.  For example, one year funds were raised to purchase 45 ipads for distribution and use in our classrooms.  Another year, funds were raised to develop a state of the art playground at our new campus.

  • Purchases of Gala items are partially tax-deductible.
  • All In-Kind donations and cash underwriting are 100 percent tax-deductible.

Capital Campaigns are launched every few years for major Capital Acquisitions, Building Projects, and Endowed Programs. They are the underpinnings of an independent school’s ability to expand its facilities and programs, and seek Major Gifts from the parent body, the community, foundations and corporations.

  • Funds offered to capital campaigns are 100 percent tax-deductible.

Endowment Fund:
This fund provides ISA with a source of financial stability that is perpetuated over time.  Donors may wish to contribute to  funds  some restricted for specific use, and/or funds unrestricted to be utilized as needed for the future advancement and development of programs and facilities.  Named funds may be established for $25,000.

Endowment gifts are 100 percent tax-deductible because ISA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization registered with the State of Arizona.