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Thank you for your interest in supporting the future of ISA.

Our site will help you navigate the many opportunities available to support our students and staff, whether you are a parent, grandparent, a corporation or a friend.

Like most independent schools, ISA relies on financial and volunteer support from our community to offset operating expenses, provide capital funds for campus projects, and support special future projects and financial aid through its endowment. Tax-deductible gifts are essential to the ongoing health of ISA, as they help ensure the financial health and sustainability of our school, and also help fund various initiatives that improve the educational program for all students.

Most recently, we have been blessed with the support of parents, board members, community funding agencies and corporations in the acquisition and renovation of our newly acquired campus. This would never have been possible without such active and passionate community support for our work and the future of our students. How fortunate we are in achieving the recognition of a community that appreciates what multilingualism and multiculturalism offers to our students, their future and to the future of the Phoenix-Scottsdale valley.

We hope that by perusing this site, you may consider the various ways in which you can become part of the ISA family and ensure its sustainable future.