Hi [teacher],

I just wanted to let you know that tonight [Dad] and I sat with [son] and went page by page through his binder of projects and assignments.

I was in tears as both [Dad] and I were in shock at how much [son] had progressed in his French and the skills he has learned this year. We always wonder what our kids learn in school and tonight was such a breath of fresh air knowing this year was all worth it. We were very excited as we saw how much our little guy has grown and all the knowledge he’s taken in and retained this year. [son] explained each page and what the assignment was and was so excited in doing this with us.

The best part was the joy I saw in his eyes. He was so extremely happy and proud of himself. I saw his confidence grow right in front of my eyes and this was beyond heart warming. I read his report card to him as well and told him he graduated to the next grade and he couldn’t stop smiling. I asked him how he felt and he told me happy and proud!!! This is a great feeling for us and I am beyond happy going to bed tonight. ..

Merci encours pour tous!
[Mom] and [Dad] [French PK parents]

Dear Ms. Gold:

I am the mother of [daughter] who has been enrolled at the CP French track (1st grade) at your school for the past academic year. My family has been living in Scottsdale during the past 9 months since my husband is a visiting scholar at ASU’s Carey School of Business.

A definite highlight of our stay has been having our only child at ISA. [daughter] has been studying French during the past five years. For the first time in her short life she has told us how much she loves going to School. It was at ISA that she learned to read and write in French and to speak English which she did not understand at all when we got here.

We will be leaving the United States soon since my husband’s research program objectives have been accomplished. Before moving I wanted to express our gratitude as well as admiration towards your team and the ISA community which has created this memorable experience for [daughter]. I want to give a special recognition to Alexis Bussiere who is not only the best teacher Carla has ever had but is also a kind and understanding human being.

I also want to mention Herve, Miss Lisa, Miss Helen, nurse Dennise, May at the after school program, Angel at the Spanish one and many other members of your staff who through their knowledge and attitude have enriched Carla’s life.

After our experience at ISA I am aware of the importance that a schools like yours have in cultivating the hearts, minds and spirits of our future generations which through these teachings will contribute to creating a better world.

I wish you the best of luck with the new campus and hope that [daughter] can return one day to your one of your programs which could well be your summer course.

Yours truly,
Rossana Nuñez