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Available for Students in Kindergarten through Middle School 

Your friends and family can play an integral role in your child’s education by participating in Arizona’s Private School Tax Credit. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to reduce their own tax burden with a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, while supporting academic excellence and multilingual learning opportunities at ISA.

To reduce your own children’s tuition, simply spread the word to those you know who would benefit from a state tax credit and the gift of contributing to a multi-faceted education. All enrolled students in - regardless of nationality or household income - are eligible to receive these scholarships.

In keeping with the intent of this program to give families the option to attend a private school, International School of Arizona kindergarten students and those of all grades who switch from Arizona public school into the International School of Arizona are eligible to receive the maximum funds.

A state-approved Student Tuition Organization manages this program and designates tuition scholarships according to the state legislation.

To Participate:

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Direct Potential Donors Now!

To ensure your success with this program, Arizona Tuition Connection training sessions are available at the International School of Arizona on an ongoing basis. In addition to learning more, you will also receive forms to give to potential donors along with helpful hints to encourage friends to support the International School of Arizona Scholarship Program 

3 Simple Steps

  1. Apply for your child or children at Arizona Tuition Connection.  If you need guidance,  please call 480-409-4106.  Apply as early as PreKindergarten and start benefiting from scholarships in Kindergarten.
  2. Encourage your friends and family to create scholarships for your child by participating in Arizona’s Private School Tax Credit and recommending the International School of Arizona.
  3. When tuition is due, any scholarships your child has received will be deducted from your balance.

If your child receives scholarships in excess of the current year’s tuition, Arizona Tuition Connection will retain those funds for your child’s International School of Arizona tuition next year!

Scholarship Information:

[email protected]