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Support for Low and Middle Income Families in Kindergarten - Middle School

At the International School of Arizona, we believe all children should have access to high quality private school education regardless of household income, and the State of Arizona agrees!  Through the unique Arizona Private School Tax Credit legislation, corporations create private school scholarships for Low & Middle Income students (K-8th Grade).   This remarkable scholarship program affords the International School of Arizona the ability to deliver academic excellence in a rewarding and progressive multilingual environment to our diverse community.

Students must first apply to the International School of Arizona for academic acceptance, then families who meet the household income and other criteria listed below, become eligible to apply for financial assistance with their International School of Arizona tuition, up to 100% of their tuition.

Household Income Guidelines, based on your 2016 tax return:

2-person family - $55,581
3-person family - $69,887
4-person family - $84,194
5-person family - $98,500
6-person family - $112,806
7-person family - $127,112
8-person family - $141,418

Additionally, the student must fulfill one of the following: The child attended Arizona public school in 2016/2017, is in Kindergarten at ISA, or received an STO scholarship in 2016/2017

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Scholarship funding is awarded upon completed applications and is confirmed by the following independent, Arizona state-approved Student Tuition Organizations:

Arizona Tuition Connection: 480-409-4106
Arizona Leadership Foundation: 602-525-7355

Admissions & Scholarship Information:

Agnes Quinney
[email protected]