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Now welcoming English-speaking students into the 2018/19 English Curriculum!

For over 20 years, ISA has been educating bilingual students in an academically and culturally rich environment. Our International Middle School embodies 21st century learning with modern technology, preparing students for college preparatory high schools.

Our education blends concrete imagery with contextual, collaborative, and results-based learning. Small class sizes afford personalized learning plans in a progressive multilingual curriculum. Students select from the International Curriculum or French Curriculum (Collège Français), based on their personal goals.

International Middle School Highlights

Preparing for College Preparatory & IB High Schools
Academically Rich, U.S. Honors Curriculum
English, Saxon Math, Science, & Social Studies
70% English, 30% French, Spanish
Advanced Foreign Language (Beginner – Advanced) in French, Spanish
National Honor Society Pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, & Character
STREAM Project Based, Interdisciplinary Education: Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Saxon Math
Global Thinking & Leadership
Real Life Exploratory Education
Public Speaking
Computer Science – Coding & Web Development
International Educators with Advanced Degrees & Certifications
Diverse Multicultural Community
Full Tuition Scholarships for Qualifying Low & Middle Income Students

US Curriculum/English Track Middle School at ISA

International Curriculum: 70% English, 30% Spanish or French

French Curriculum - Collège Français: 50% French, 50% English

Daily Life at ISA Middle School

​Our Middle School students celebrate diversity and enjoy a rich multicultural environment.  Students come together for the U.S. Honors Core Curriculum classes in a dynamic and accelerated learning program.  Our international educators challenge students in robust discussions, and results-based learning.  Our experienced English speaking instructors are highly educated and well traveled.  Small class sizes allow students ample opportunity to participate, while instructors personalize education plans for each student.  Some students are preparing for high school in France, some are off to Canada, and many are eager to attend the best college preparatory high schools in Scottsdale and Phoenix – all are planning bright futures of university and beyond!  The ISA Middle School will develop a plan which will motivate and challenge your child to meet their goals.

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Advanced Foreign Language – Our Unique Advantage

Modern neurological studies prove that multilingual proficiency is imprinted during Middle School years.  This underscores the importance of pursuing a high level of foreign language instruction in Grades 6-8, which enables a student to move from basic conversational speaker to academic proficiency and fluency.

At ISA, advanced foreign language instruction is taught exclusively in immersion style by native language speakers.  ISA language instruction embodies grammar and rich cultural education.   Students who enter with high levels of foreign language experience (native speakers or ISA Lower School French & Spanish students), continue with Advanced French or Advanced Spanish.  Students with little or no foreign language pursue introductory Intensive Language Instruction in the language of their choice (French, Spanish, or Mandarin).  Intensive language classes are fun and highly engaging, with ample opportunities to speak.  ISA Middle School students enjoy mentoring ISA Early Childhood and Lower School students, as well as using their foreign language skills in the cafeteria, hallways and playground, where numerous languages are spoken.

Foreign Language Fluency – Basic Conversation or Academic Proficiency?

Widely used in schools and summer camps throughout Europe, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) allows for foreign language proficiency assessment.   This rating system divides learners into levels from A1 (basic user) to C2 (advanced academic fluency), and allows instructors to assess speaking, reading, writing and listening skills of each ISA student.  In Europe, students now place their CEFR rating on resumes to differentiate their fluency. At ISA, students strive for C2 proficiency in multiple languages.

Advanced language students may select a third language (French, Spanish or Mandarin) as an additional elective.

A Path to Success

When ISA Middle School students complete their respective three-year curriculum, they speak two or three languages fluently; they are culturally aware; they take educated risks; they are critical thinkers; they use technology as learning and presenting tools; and they have developed lifelong learning skills for 21st century demands.

Our Middle School students are prepared for the best college preparatory high schools and have the unique academic multicultural advantage now highly sought after by elite universities worldwide.