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Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido to the International School of Arizona (ISA). ISA offers two immersion language tracks: French and Spanish. Each program integrates the acquisition of the English language. Educational standards from France, Spain, and the State of Arizona are used to create a challenging and rigorous curriculum where the best of the combined systems are used at each grade level. No matter which language track you choose, your child is sure to receive a high quality global-focused education while becoming bilingual and bi-literate.

French Program

FranceFlag_svgISA is accredited by the French Ministry of Education which recognizes that ISA follows the recommendations and directives of the French National Curriculum through an immersion program beginning with Early Childhood School. A French Pedagogic Advisor and Inspector visit the school regularly to share their expertise and ensure that French national standards are being met. Students who attend schools accredited by the Ministry will be able to transfer on-grade to any French school in the world. Instruction in French is provided exclusively by highly qualified native French educators .


imgresSpanish Program

ISA is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education’s accrediting entity for schools abroad, Cervantes Institute (Instituto Cervantes). The accreditation allows ISA to gain access to Education Advisors and Inspectors who offer their expertise and resources to ensure a quality international immersion program. Some of the areas of support include: curriculum, trainings, resources, teachers, etc. Cervantes Institute recognizes that ISA follows the recommendations and directives of the Spanish National Curriculum through an immersion program beginning with Early Childhood School. Instruction in Spanish is provided exclusively by native Spanish speakers.


IMG_0781U.S./English Program

ISA is accredited through an American entity, AdvancED. The U.S. English Program begins at PK4, the 4 year old class. The number of hours dedicated to instruction in the English language increases as students grow older. The focus of this program is English language arts; however, other subjects such as Math, Science, and Social Studies are taught in English through an inquiry based learning philosophy of STREAM. This program implements Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math into our U.S./English program. The Spalding Phonics Method is used to help facilitate reading in English, and Singapore Math is taught to deepen the mastery of core concepts. Instruction in English is provided exclusively by highly qualified native English educators.


ISA Students outperform their monolingual peers in Arizona and across the United States, even though the majority of their instruction is conducted in a foreign language. Students are prepared to transition into English speaking schools and to be successful in all subject areas. In addition to gaining a solid foundation in English and core content areas, ISA Students gain the advantage of becoming bilingual and bicultural.


ISA Students tested at the following median grade equivalents on the Stanford 10 Achievement Tests which were conducted in 2015.


  • 1st Grade:         Grade 2, Month 2 (2.2)
  • 2nd Grade:    Grade 3, Month 1 (3.1)
  • 3rd Grade:        Grade 5, Month 2 (5.2)
  • 4th Grade:     Grade 6, Month 1 (6.1)
  • 5th Grade:         Grade 8, Month 3 (8.3)