Free to Be Presentation – February 6th

Tuesday, February 6th, from 8:30-10 a.m. and 5:30-7 p.m.  

Join us for a parent seminar as we explore ways to instill body positivity in our children. Bodies are not just appearance, but the vessel in which kids will live and learn their entire lives. How they feel about their bodies will impact their How do we help our kids feel confident in their bodies and escape the negative impact of social media? The two seminars will present the same information to ensure the most number of interested people can attend. For information and downloadable resources, visit
There have been a number of studies lately that link body image to how we view the world, and even to factors such as academic achievement. Free To Be is a research-backed positive body image program for youth. Free To Be empowers boys and girls to reach their full potential by developing media literacy awareness, cultivating individual strengths, building resilience to social pressures that impact body image, and nurturing a positive social environment.
Thank you to Sheila Regher for coordinating this event!
Gail Gold, Headmaster

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