Academic Administration

Gail Gold, Headmaster

Ms. Gold is from the northeast and has a Bachelor of Arts from Central Connecticut State University and a Master of Arts from Ottawa University. She majored in Elementary Education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction, and holds a minor in child and adolescent psychology.

She has taught grades PK-6 and has taught adults, as well. In her classroom instruction, she strives to animate minds and create proactive thinkers through learning activities that combine both joy and rigor. She believes that all children deserve unconditional positive regard, and that a warm smile goes a long way.

Alexis Bussiere, French Program Director

Mr. Bussiere is from Haute-Loire, France and has a bachelor of arts degree in history from the University of Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand). He is a certified elementary teacher through the French Ministry of National Education. He speaks French and English. He has taught since 2000 in different grade levels, including 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. He taught many years around Paris and in multilevel class groupings in Haute-Loire. He also taught children with learning disabilities. This is Mr. Bussiere's 11th year as a 1st grade teacher. He joined ISA in 2010.

Maria Mercedes Villamizar, Spanish Program Director

Ms. Villamizar has been teaching since 1992 and has experience in both preschool and elementary school. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Javeriana in Bogota, Columbia and is a certified elementary teacher through the Colombia Ministry of Education. She received training in learning disabilities from the University of Norte in Barranquilla, Columbia and completed Language and Culture training in Spain through the Spanish Ministry of Education. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s degree in bilingual education. Ms. Villamizar has taught kindergarten, first, second, and third grades, and has been at ISA since 2009.
Maria Mercedes Villamizar - Spanish First Grade Teacher

Debbie Blum, Human Resources and Academic Support

Ms. Blum, originally from Southern California, holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Human Resources Management. She became VP of Human Resources in the tech industry before deciding to change her full-time focus to her family. Since that time, she has lived in California, Georgia and Arizona and has run her own small business, earned her Real Estate license and been an active community volunteer. Her passion is working in schools with students, parents and teachers and building bridges between the schools and the community.

Marilyn Ayala, Front Desk Receptionist

Camille Hoessly, Early Childhood Office