Specialty Faculty

Helen Bendall-Hughes, Music Teacher

Mrs. Bendall-Hughes holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and a Masters in Elementary Education. She has 25 years of experience teaching music to children from preschool to Middle school ages. She has lived and worked at schools in 4 different countries: Belgium, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia (Java and Bali).

Helen Bendall Hughes - Music Teacher

Lisa Pirie, Learning Specialist

Herve Aka, Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Aka is a Physical Education teacher, certified by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports and trained at the National Institute of Sports and Physical Expertise (INSEP). He has extensive experience teaching Physical Education and in Sports Management. He has worked both as a teacher and Judo coach. Mr. Aka served as a Head of Sports in France and also participated in many championships and international tournaments as a member of the Judo French Olympic team. He is now also certified as a national member of USA Judo.

Herve Aka - Physical Education Teacher