Lower and Middle School Activity Descriptions


A one-hour art and expression class combining creative and educational practices to help children discover and develop their inner creative self. Various art practices will be part of the process, among which: drawing, painting, mixed media practices.

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The activity is designed to have a great time with music, while developing the voice, expanding vocal range and experiencing a varied repertoire. Plus, they get to perform from time to time at school!


In this course, students will gain a more advanced understanding of Java coding concepts such as classes, methods, variables, and conditionals. Students will learn other concepts such as how to use ray traces and vectors. Using these concepts, students will make powerful armor that grants them special abilities like super speed! We provide laptops for all students during the length of this course.


Students will explore how to solve STEM Challenges in creative ways while learning basic engineering skills. There is something for everyone as students use their talents and interests to create, repair, troubleshoot, and redesign projects made from everyday types of materials. Challenges will be fun and exciting in this hands-on project class.

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This class is a fun mix of modern dance which includes ballet, tap, and jazz. Please note that this is a student instructor.

Drama Club

Drama Club offers the children an initiation to drama practice through verbal and non-verbal activities. The class will be compounded by (physical and vocal) warm-up and various exercises which come from diverse practices (mime, improvisation, writing, theatre) to develop creativity and encourage expression of oneself.


Our gymnasts are introduced to a variety of skills including floor, beam, vault, and bars, while also learning the importance of flexibility and endurance. This activity is off campus at Scottsdale Gymnastics (9321 N. 94th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85258).


Our school has beautiful garden beds ready to be planted with various fruit, vegetable, and plant seeds. Students at this age range will explore the process of gardening with hands on exploration of prepping the soil, digging, and planting. Students will learn to celebrate the beauty of our natural world through


Dojo Art Academy Judo offers a comprehensive Judo program designed especially with children in mind. Your child will learn traditional Japanese judo skills and values, along with fitness, flexibility, discipline, and respect in a safe and nurturing environment.


Rachet up your imagination with tens of thousands of LEGO parts! Build engineer-designed projects, such as: Fire Trucks, Space Stations, Tugboats, and the Eiffel Tower. Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment.


 This class introduces younger students to the fundamental skills and terminology of parkour at an age appropriate level. Coaches incorporate a variety of games that allow kids to play while encouraging strength development. This activity is off campus at Scottsdale 

Gymnastics (9321 N. 94th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85258).


This class is designed to engage students, at the beginning and intermediate levels, to the basics of Music Theory. Following the methods of Albert’s Kid’s Complete Piano Course, students learn bout and explore the elements of music including beat, rhythm, pitch, scale, chords, harmony and form. The club has room for 6 students.


A fun way for your child to learn the techniques of soccer in a competitive environment. They practice fundamental skills like passing, receiving and controlling the ball, shooting and dribbling. Games are on the weekends and are a fun way to show some Palomino Pride! This activity is off campus at Scottsdale Ranch Fields. ISA does not provide transportation.

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Tennis is a great way to keep up your health and fitness, and it also develops hand eye coordination, balance, and body coordination. This program is designed to give children the opportunity to play beginning to advanced tennis in a safe supportive setting. Location is not at ISA. Pick up students at 5:30 at LA CAMARILLA.

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During class, children will learn specific mindful movement exercises, breathing techniques and have quiet reflection time. They can use these tools whenever emotions are taking over, under stressful situations, or when they need greater focus, plus they have FUN!