After School

Academic Lab

Complimentary Academic Labs are offered from 2:30-3:00 pm daily for all Lower and Middle School students. These teacher-led labs provide an opportunity for students to complete their homework with additional instruction and guidance. Academic Labs are also a time for students to request further  information regarding lessons or projects. ISA Parents appreciate this support, allowing more quality time for family and activities after school.

After School Enrichment Classes

In addition to its full-time academic programs, ISA offers after school enrichment opportunities which allow our students to further flex their minds and bodies through a wide selection of  classes.

Students can learn a third language, learn to code, explore robotics or pre-engineering, and develop their thinking skills through the rigorous game of chess.  Students who want to challenge their minds and bodies can participate in judo, yoga, gymnastics, tennis, and soccer.

Class offerings may change from semester to semester, and fees vary.  All programs are open to ISA students and their friends from the community, and most take place on campus.

Extended Care Program

ISA offers the Extended Care program for families of students from age 2 through grade 8.  We supervise and engage our students from 7 to 8 a.m., and from 3 to 6 p.m. Students in Extended Care participate in creative arts, crafts, science, and other exploratory activities with staff who may speak one of three languages:  Spanish, French, and English.

Extended Care students in grades Grade 1-8 may utilize this time to complete homework or school projects.

Registration is not required for Extended Care. Discounted options are available to parents who can anticipate their need at the beginning of each month.