Black and Bling! Soiree


I am excited to announce the date for the annual ISA Spring Soirée - Saturday, March 24th @ 5:30pm. For the 2nd year in a row, the Black & Bling! event will be held right here at the school. The annual Soirée is both an ISA fundraiser and an all-school social event. This year the event is adding an "Old Hollywood" theme to Black & Bling! for those who care to play dress up. Please save the date!

There are many, many ways to be involved, including:

  • ISA Teachers, Staff & Partners Sponsorship - Last year the ISA community sponsored $50 tickets for all ISA Teachers, Staff and their partners. This year our goal is to raise sponsorship funds enough to include even more Teachers, Staff AND their Partners. This is one way for everyone to be involved even if you can't attend.
  • 50/50 Raffle - Look for 50/50 Raffle tickets to start selling SOON. The 50/50 Raffle is another great way for everyone to be involved - even if you don't attend the event. Fifty percent of the total funds raised goes to ISA - and the other 50% goes to the WINNER!
  • BUY YOUR TICKETS! - Tickets are $75/each and include all food and three drink tickets (more tickets are available for a nominal cost). Also includes dancing, entertainment, live and silent auctions and a GREAT TIME!

You are also MORE THAN WELCOME to join the event planning team - if you are interested in volunteering to help with the event, please contact Kimberly Davey, 2018 Soirée Chair, at [email protected] or 602.722.0149.

The all-volunteer event planning team is working hard to make the live and silent auctions better than ever. If you have contacts at businesses you frequent that you would ask for a tax-deductible donation, that is another BIG WAY to help, using our donation letter and donation form. Please return the forms with as much information completed as possible to the front desk or directly to Kimberly.

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