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Why Should I Choose a Full-Immersion Education For My Child?

You want to make the best educational choices for your children.

In our rapidly changing world, you may want to seriously consider giving your children the gift of fluency in two or more languages.

Research shows that immersion students gain additional cognitive, academic and employment benefits.

Full-language immersion helps students gain an edge in life.

Naturally, you may be wondering what's the difference between language immersion and the traditional language classes taught in most schools?

In traditional second language classes, the target language is the subject of instruction, often representing just one class out of many.  Language immersion, however, uses the target language to teach other subjects like mathematics, science, social studies, music and art.

This allows your child to learn a second language naturally.

What Makes The International School of Arizona Different From Public & Charter Schools?


Discover How You Can Give Your Child a Gift That Will Last a Lifetime Through ISA

The data shows, that on average, our children on norm-reference nationwide tests, graduate 2-3 years ahead of the average American students and bilingual children can both focus and switch tasks easier. 

Discover how you can give your child the life-long gifts of a second-language and the skills he or she will need to successfully navigate our rapidly changing world.

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