Bilingualism and Literacy in Two Languages

Sending your child to the International School of Arizona is like sending him/her to another country each day where they are immersed in another language and culture. ISA employs natively fluent teachers from around the world. Our students gain the advantages of obtaining early exposure to a second language in a formal setting where they can achieve native-like fluency and pronunciation. All students obtain literacy in English and a second language through a full immersion model. Despite the fact that the majority of the students' curriculum is taught in a foreign language, students excel on English Language tests such as the Stanford 10 and AIMS. Math and English are two areas that students consistently score the highest on standardized tests.

Preparing for a Global Future

By learning more than one language at a young age, students obtain many skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Learning another language helps students learn about other cultures and become more sensitive and aware of differences. The ability to communicate with people in multiple languages broadens ones' confidence and aspirations to understand others. Understanding others is an important step in being able to successfully work with other people. Enhanced communication skills and the ability to collaborate well with others are valuable attributes that will contribute greatly to our students' success.




Students follow a mix of American and European curriculum which is formulated to provide every student with a strong educational foundation. With ties to the French and Spanish Ministries of Education, ISA is able to procure high quality materials and teaching staff to execute a strong full immersion program with rigorous academic standards. A well-rounded international curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn about the world and gain a global perspective. The immersion format allows students to learn a second language while they learn subject content simultaneously.

What's Happening


This is my children's fourth year at ISA and I'm extremely impressed with the education they are receiving. The attention from the teachers and staff is exemplary and contributes to their positive outlook about school in general. Of course, one of the best rewards is knowing they are prepared for international studies in language and social skills.


- Katie Maatta, Mother of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade French Track Students



I know that I couldn't have made a better decision. My children look forward to drop off at school and grin from ear to ear and scramble out of the car because of the loving attention they get from their maestras.

They learn in so many different ways! Spanish books & songs, and the native Spanish speaking teachers show them the way it's really spoken, not how it is in a textbook. They're also exposed to different accents, including Central and South America as well as Spain.

My children are truly being taught to be citizens of the world BY citizens of the world at this wonderful school and I couldn't be more thankful!


- Gina Berman, Mother of Spanish Section B and Pre-K Students



I have a 4 year old in the French program and a 5 year old in the Spanish program and after only a few months at ISA they're coming home singing songs and teaching each other words in the others' "school" language. They are excited to share with each other what they are learning in school. We have bought maps and the kids are so excited to see which country speaks Spanish or French. It is exciting as a parent to see your child want to learn about different people all over the world!

We love seeing a variety of students with different backgrounds and nationalities. Our boys are experiencing diversity every day in their classrooms. You just can't get that in other schools.


- Amy Hoekstra, Mother of French Section B and Spanish Pre-K Students

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